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I1 interior mist Fruity Gum


Freshen up your interior with a bubblegum boost

Pureest I1 “Interior mist” is the long awaited product for you who enjoys a fresh scent inside your vehicle but can’t stand to have a wunderbaum hanging in your rear view mirror. It is long overdue to replace this with a sleeker product. Consider our range of interior mist as an assortment of colognes for your car. This range is consisted of our scent highlights from other products. The scent will stay for a few days before the interior’s original scent reappears.

How to use:

Shake bottle before use, spray a few times on the carpets of the car. If you wish for a more intense scent in a particular place, apply more here. Wipe off any eventual residue with a micro fiber towel. Ventilate the car for 10-15 minutes.

Color: Pink.
Scent: Bubblegum.
Nozzle: Spray trigger (included).
Dilution: This product cannot be diluted with water.

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