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Pure:est Magic Sponge

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Hyper effective , Pureest’s white spot removing sponge, also known as “magic sponge” or “magic eraser”. A bit of water is usually enough to achieve strong results, if not good enough apply some Pureest A1 APC to the sponge. This product has a very high cleaning capacity, so be careful when using for the first time on a surface. Use on a small and hidden area before going all in. No pressure has to be applied when working the sponge on the surface. We recommend to not use this every time due to its high efficiency.

    • Remove spots in a highly effective and easy way.

    • Use to remove stains on leather or door cards.

    • Can be used without any other cleaning products, but works best together with the A1 All Purpose Cleaner.

    • Adapted to be used in vehicles, therefore thicker than other comparable sponges.

The best part is that this is a 10-pack!

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