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Pureest P2 Liquid Ceramic Protection 500ml


New and improved for 2024

The pureest P2 is an easy to use ceramic protection which creates a very pleasant surface. The P2 will boost the gloss, create a mechanical protection, create a lovely hydrophobic effect together which a lovely slippery surface which will make it harder for dirt to stick. Consider the P2 a replacement to a traditional hard wax since the application is somewhat similar, the perk however is that the P2 is much easier to work with thanks to it being liquid.

The P2 is made in Sweden with love.

How to use:
1, Clean and dry the car.
2, Spray the P2 into a towel.
3, Apply the product with the towel on the surface, work panel by panel and avoid circular motions.
4, Wait 1-2 minutes depending on the ambient temperature, don’t let it dry in.
5, wipe off with another towel. The product should have thicken ever so slightly.

If you are in a rush:
Try the P1, since you simply spray on and rinse off. Shorter durability but quicker to use!

Pureests paint protection guide:
P1: Quickest way of obtaining a protection with a wet surface. Durability is around three months.
P2: Easy product to apply on a clean and dry surface. Spray on and wipe off. Durability is 2-6 months.
P5: Our best and strongest protection. Durability in up to 3 years.
Ps. Keep in mind that the durability depends on weather conditions, cleaning habits and how frequently the car is used. These time frames are with New Zealand’s rough climates in mind.


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