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Pureest P2 protection ceramic

P2 protection spray is a ceramic infused spray coating that is super easy to use and delivers amazing results.
P2 is an easier, more user-friendly alternative to a complete ceramic coating like Pureest P5.
P2 protection ceramic spray forms a strong bond with your vehicle that will help protect it and make it much easier to clean next wash.
The upside to P2 is how easy is it to apply, the trade off is it does not last as long as a ceramic coating, usually it lasts approximately 4 months.
P2 produces brilliant results! High gloss and an amazing hydrophobic effect. This is why it’s our most popular product.

To apply:

  1. First ensure your vehicle is clean and dry.
  2. Apply out of direct sunlight, ideally in a garage.
  3. Spray a couple of pumps of P2 onto an applicator and apply to vehicle in a smooth cross hatch pattern, coat the entire panel evenly.
  4. Leave for 2 – 5 minutes.
  5. Buff off with a quality microfibre towel.

We recommend fully completing one panel before moving on the next.