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Variant Wheels

Pure Auto NZ is proud to announce we have partnered with Variant Wheels and can now supply their premium wheels to our New Zealand customers.

Variant Wheels are a premium wheels manufacturer based in Chandler, Arizona, USA. They produce some of the best quality wheels available.

Available on our website store will be their cold forged series.

Variant’s cold forging process creates a superior quality monoblock wheel that is super strong and lightweight.

Variant cold forged wheels are semi custom. This means they are made to order to suit your vehicle and desired fitment, you can order either by your choosing or Variant’s recommendations the diameter, width, offset, and PCD ( within the offered range ).

Available through our online store are all of the standard finishes and colours however, Variant do offer other custom finishes which are available, simply email us for options and a quote.

Variant Wheels also offer other series of wheels, including fully custom multi piece wheels. These are also available through Pure Auto NZ, simply email us for pricing.