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P1 Protection quick coat 500ml


The pureest P1 is our quickest way to a good protection. It creates a strong hydrophobic effect in an easy manner. Perfect to use on an untreated car which has been washed with pureest S3. This kind of product has many nicknames, such as quick detailer, quick coat, wet coat and many more. If your current protection is losing its effect, the P1 is perfect to boost up the water and dirt repellence. P1 is also safe to use on matte painted, PPF’d and wrapped cars.

The P1 differs quite a bit compared to many other quick coats in terms of its effectiveness. The perk is that it takes far less product to get the desired effect, and that said effect lasts far longer. The flip side is that it’s easier to do it wrong. It is very key that the product doesn’t dry in, so don’t use it in sunlight or on a hot surface. A double check for potential left overs on the surface is a good practise.

The P1 is made in Sweden with love and is free from aromatics, PFAS and VOC and all that nasty stuff. In other words a great product for both the car and the user.

How to use:

1. Spray the P1 on a clean and wet surface. It works best on a surface which isn’t hydrophobic from the beginning. 2 sprays per panel is well enough, less is more. Work panel by panel.
2. Rinse off right away.

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