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Pure:est Foam polishing pad 3 pack

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The Pureest Foam pads are perfect for both the beginner and the most experienced user due to the ease of use and versatility. Our pack comes with three pads which all have different hardnesses (soft, medium and hard). Combine these with any of our polishing compounds from the PX-series and you have a few combinations to try out. There is no perfect combination for all cars. Some manufacturers or types of paint are easier to polish than others.

These pads have a central hole of 22mm to be compatible with all machines, or it can function as a ventilation hole to reduce heat. They can also be machine washed in 40c to ensure a long longevity thanks to the supreme quality of the material.

This package includes the following pads:
Soft (Blue
Medium (Orange)
Hard (Green)

This product is made in Sweden with love.

Measurements: Polishing surface is 145mm, contact patch to polish machine is 130mm.
Material: Foam

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