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Pureauotnz Graphene Ceramic Coating 60ml

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We are proud to release our new Graphene infused ceramic coating!
A premium professional coating with our highest level of protection.
This product forms a strong bond with your vehicle’s paint, glass, and plastic mouldings, that gives them a high level of protection.

Benefits of our Graphene Ceramic Coating:

  • Long lasting – this coating can last up to 7 years
  • 10h hardness
  • UV protection
  • Hydrophobic
  • Adds gloss
  • Helps protect against water spotting
  • Easy to apply.

Please see below for application guide.

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  1. Prepare your painted surface or glass, prior to applying any coating it is highly recommended to have the paint/glass in the best condition possible. This can be done by decontamination/clay bar of the paint, followed by paint correction with a polisher and polish. Following paint correction use Isopropyl alcohol and a fresh microfibre towel to clean and degrease the surface and remove any residual polish, wax, glue, etc. For optimal results, users must Wash, Clay/Decontaminate, and Polish their paint prior to application.
  2. Shake the bottle, open, and install the dropper.
  3. Apply the coating. Begin by dispensing numerous drops of the liquid onto the supplied cloths wrapped around the applicator pad to sufficiently wet it. Work the product onto the surface, ensuring full coverage over the desired area, using cross hatching motions and overlapping your previous pass by 25-50%. Top up applicator with more coating as required, a few drops should do approximately half a panel. Take care to ensure everywhere is coated – between the body lines, bumper areas, mirror caps, and commonly missed areas on your vehicle. We recommend fully completing 1-2 panels at a time, applying and leveling/removing excess.
  4. Remove/level coating. Shortly after the coating has been applied, the product begins to flash and sweat into beads, (depending on heat and humidity this can be anywhere between 2-10 minutes). Once the product has started to flash, begin wiping the coating off with a clean microfibre/plush towel, applying minimal pressure to the towel in the process. Wipe down in the same cross hatch pattern as applied, switching/flipping the towel periodically to use a new face to fully level the coating.
  5. Let the product cure. Once fully levelled, allow the coating to fully cure for 24 hours, free from water, elements, or weathering.