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T2 Tire Shine Matte Finish and plastic dressing 500ml


Give your tires a sleek matte effect

The pureest T2 proves a more subtle effect for your tires and plastic dressing which gives a deep satin matte finish after using without giving it the glossy effect.
For more a more “wet look”, have a look at the pure:est T1.
This product can be used for tires, but is also a perfect way to enhance the look of other dulled plastic parts, such as bumpers, grilles or rubber matts, which will not be slippery.

How to use:
1, Make sure the sidewall is clean and dry
2, Spray some T2 into your applicator and apply it on the surface
3, Wipe off any potential residue after a few minutes and you are done!

Always remember to use gloves when working with chemicals, and avoid using in direct sunlight.

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