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Purest B1 Bug and Insect Remover

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Everyone is aware of how dull the car looks when it is completely black-dotted in the front after a ride, moreover it is important to get rid of these as soon as possible, otherwise they can corrode into the clear coat. pure:est B1 (bug remover) also works against bird droppings, which is particularly important to take care of immediately to avoid damage to the paintwork. B1 is specially formulated to effectively eliminate insects – perfectly mixed so you don’t have to do anything more than spray on and rinse off with high pressure. Ready to use so to speak. Perfect if you want to quickly get rid of the bugs from the road trip but don’t have time to do a thorough car wash. The product can also be used in combination with our pressure sprayer for alkaline agents, and besides, B1 smells really good!

Apply the product to the places where there are insects or bird droppings. Do not use in direct sunlight and do not let the product dry.
Leave on for about 2 minutes.
Rinse with high pressure.
Pureest B1 is of course manufactured in Sweden.

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