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S1 SIO2 shampoo 500ml



The pureest S1 is by far our most revolutionary and popular product. A SIO2 Schampo that not only cleans the car perfectly but also provides it with a stunning protection and amazing hydrophobic effect. It is safe to use on cars with and without other protections. The product leaves a water repellant surface that lasts between 2-4 weeks. If applied on an already coated car you will extend the durability of the original ceramic coating. It also works great on matte painted, PPF’ed and wrapped cars

The S1 is made in Sweden with love and is free from aromatics, PFAS and VOC and all that nasty stuff. In other words a great product for both the car and the user.

FYI, wash one panel at a time and immediately rinse off. Don’t use in direct sunlight or on a hot car. It is key that the S1 does not dry in.

How to use:

1. Spray one or two sprays directly into a wash mitt.
2. Work the surface panel by panel.
3. Rinse off immediately. Repeat the process for the entire vehicle. If the product were to dry in, the spots has to be polished.

The S1 is not a foamy product, e.g. it doesn’t foam. Don’t worry, be happy 🙂


This shampoo creates very low friction, which is good to keep in mind since this is what causes swirls! Always have a lot of water in the wash mitt.

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