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S1 is our hydrophobic SiO2-shampoo and without doubt our most popular product. It not only provides a spectacular cleaning effect but also gives the car a unique hydrophobic effect which will last a few weeks, S1 is suitable for vehicles both with and without previous paint protection.

S1 will keep that car clean longer, and will also make the car easier to clean next time.
It can also extend the lifetime of previously applied paint protections with a layer-on-layer effect.

When applying, apply one panel at a time and rinse off. Never use the S1 in direct sunlight or on a warm surface. This is of big importance since the product is not allowed to dry on the paint.

Wash tactics:

We recommend two different methods for great results.

  1. Pump 3 to 5 times into a bucket of water as a normal shampoo, or around 10-12ml.
  2. Pump once directly into the wash mitten/sponge and then work directly onto the pain. Rinse off immediately. Repeat the process on the whole car. Work one panel at the time and rinse off, or section the car into smaller sections. The S1 can be rinsed off right after being applied. If the product dries in the surface needs to be polished.
    The Pureest S1 doesn’t foam, so nothing to worry about. Everything is fine.

Primarily designed for cars but works on many vehicles. Why not try it on the boat? Or maybe your lawnmower?

The Pureest S1 provides lower friction than your average shampoo thanks to its silicone properties, this is really important since it’s the friction that creates swirl marks! As usual, make sure you have a good amount of water in the wash mitten. For the lowest risk of swirls we always recommend to use our washable mitten instead of traditional sponges.

Always remember to use gloves when working with chemicals, and avoid using in direct sunlight. SiO2 can make the paint static.

Color: White.
Scent: Pureest signature.
Nozzle: Pump (included).
Dilution: This product can be diluted with water.

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