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S3 pH Neutral Shampoo 500ml NEW VERSION



Pureest S3 is a PH-neutral car shampoo which leaves no residual coating on the car. This makes the S3 easy to use thanks to it’s strong foaming quality. It is also well suited if you are planning to apply a paint protection since any potential prior coatings may affect the durability of this. Also very suitable if you are keen to work with PH-neutral products as this is very easy on the paint, a great combination with the W2, our PH-neutral wheel cleaner.

Pureest S3 is also suited if your vehicle already has a coating since it doesn’t tear down the coating.

The S3 is made in Sweden with love and is free from aromatics, PFAS and VOC and all that nasty stuff. In other words a great product for both the car and the user.

Apply 10-12ml into a water filled bucket. Spray with your high pressure washer directly into the bucket to activate the foam. Preferably use a wash mitten to reduce the risk of swirl marks. Make sure to carry a lot of water with the mitten to furthermore reduce the friction on the paint. Once the whole car is shampooed, rinse down the car with a garden hose. When you are at the shampoo stage, this is the preferred method as you are more likely to rinse away the leftover shampoo in the car’s drainage pipes compared to using a high pressure washer.

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