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Pump Cannons
Pump cannons are an extremely useful detailing tool. They allow you to mix and dilute different chemicals and spray them in an accurate and precise manner where needed. Our Pump cannons are extremely high quality and designed to last. Made in Italy. You can pump them up via the pump handle on top of the [...]
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Clay Bar
If you are going to do paint correction on your vehicle removing contamination with a clay bar prior to polishing is highly recommended. Clay bar along with a lubricant will help to lift embedded contamination from the paint, this is an important step as it will help to prevent these contaminants from getting stuck in [...]
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Variant Wheels
Pure Auto NZ is proud to announce we have partnered with Variant Wheels and can now supply their premium wheels to our New Zealand customers. Variant Wheels are a premium wheels manufacturer based in Chandler, Arizona, USA. They produce some of the best quality wheels available. Available on our website store will be their cold [...]
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Pureest P2 protection ceramic
P2 protection spray is a ceramic infused spray coating that is super easy to use and delivers amazing results. P2 is an easier, more user-friendly alternative to a complete ceramic coating like Pureest P5. P2 protection ceramic spray forms a strong bond with your vehicle that will help protect it and make it much easier [...]
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Quick and easy protection for your rims
We all love our Wheels and tyres looking clean. Having a coating on your rims makes them stay clean for longer and easier to clean when you come to your next wash. The Pure:est W3 wheel protection is designed to protect your wheels, keep them clean for longer and protect them from scratches. It [...]
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The Ultimate Glass Hydrophobic Glass Coating
Pure:est P7 Ceramic coating for glass is, in our opinion, the ultimate coating for your vehicle’s exterior glass. It produces a high gloss finish with amazing hydrophobic properties and best of all its easy to apply and lasts for 6 months plus. How to use: Always wear appropriate PPE, gloves and mask and safety [...]
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Pure:est P1 Protection Application
Pure:est P1 is fast and effective protection with an amazing hydrophobic effect that you can apply to your car’s paint, glass, trim, and even wheels. To apply P1 the car must be CLEAN and STILL WET, check out our previous blog “how to wash you car like a pro”. When applying P1 we [...]
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Washing Your Car Like a Pro
The main objective when washing your car is to get it as clean as possible without causing any damage or scratching the paintwork. Removing all the dirt, grime, and debris while minimising the amount of contact with the paint. We highly recommend that any car wash is done out of direct sunlight, e.g. in [...]
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